Tuesday, March 22, 2005


It seems that the news of Microsoft delaying .NET 2.0 again is making the news! I think Mary Jo Foley is correct ... should they consider renaming everything with 2006?

e.g. Visual Studio 2006
Visual Basic 2006 ... etc?

Monday, March 21, 2005


Delayed again?

Microsoft released a press release today on Visual Studio 2005:


Interesting to note in this press release that they state (for the first time) that VS2005 will not be released till the second half of 2005. That really means - sometime between July 2005 and December 2005. Before, the statement from MSFT was that VS2005 was not coming out till the end of summer. Seems that this is the first statement coming from them that it is delayed again.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Paul Vick is CORRECT here!

I read an interesting blog entry from Paul Vick on why there should not be another unmanaged version of VB produced ... like a VB6a or something ;) and why VB6 should not be integrated into the VS.NET shell. I didn't really realize that people were talking about these things too much ... but I guess they are enough for Paul to answer. He is totally right in his answers for why these items SHOULD NOT BE DONE and I agree with him 100%. My earlier post on the VB6 petition was really put there by me as I am a supporter in Microsoft continuing the support of VB6 longer than what is planned (ending on March 31st of this year). I am really referring to the area of security fixes and the likes. Anything beyond that ... forget it.

The idea is that new development efforts should go to VB.NET 2003 or VB2005.


Online review sites BEWARE!

It seems that Apple won a lawsuit and the online reporters are required to give up their sources for the "leaks". Geez .... there goes freedom of the press a bit! Read more here ...


Thursday, March 10, 2005


Fawcette article on Microsoft, Apple and others attempts to control their messages

This article was very interesting on how Microsoft, Apple and others are trying to control information put out on them in blogs by threatening folks with lawsuits and lawyers. This and other corporate activities are going to absolutely kill blogging as we know it as corporations start to wake up to the fact of what blogging can do for grassroots knowledge and growth. Very interesting.


VSLive Indigo Sessions

Fawcette published the videos from the Indigo sessions online. Nice, as I was unable to make VSLive this year!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Sign the VB6 Petition

Not that I use VB6 everyday, but I work with a lot of enterprises that continue to use VB6 day-in and day-out. The reason that they haven't upgraded as of yet is because they have made a huge investment in their VB6 applications and have not yet made the investment to migrate. Some just don't plan to migrate soon. The petition found at http://www.classicvb.org is powerful in my mind to get Microsoft to listen. Also included in the list of petitioner are quite a number of the Microsoft MVPs, many of whom I know. Quite interesting!


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first entry and hopefully there will be plenty more to follow. I have been a developer for many years now working as an independent consultant for most of my development years. I have been heavily involved with .NET development for most of the last four years - most notably ASP.NET! I absolutely love ASP.NET and lean a little towards the C# side of things, but I also have spent some good time using VB.NET which I think is just as good.

I live here in Los Angeles, but I am not really from here originally. I also have been involved a bit in the developer community here - attending the .NET user groups and the likes. I look forward to trying to post my comments about the .NET community and .NET in general through this blog. Enjoy!

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