Friday, March 11, 2005


Paul Vick is CORRECT here!

I read an interesting blog entry from Paul Vick on why there should not be another unmanaged version of VB produced ... like a VB6a or something ;) and why VB6 should not be integrated into the VS.NET shell. I didn't really realize that people were talking about these things too much ... but I guess they are enough for Paul to answer. He is totally right in his answers for why these items SHOULD NOT BE DONE and I agree with him 100%. My earlier post on the VB6 petition was really put there by me as I am a supporter in Microsoft continuing the support of VB6 longer than what is planned (ending on March 31st of this year). I am really referring to the area of security fixes and the likes. Anything beyond that ... forget it.

The idea is that new development efforts should go to VB.NET 2003 or VB2005.

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