Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Service Packs for Visual Studio

It seem that both Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 will be getting service packs:


What a relief! I agree with some of the folks out there that it was tough to wait till 2005 to get some of these 2003 bugs fixed. Then 2005 arrives with a slew of bugs as well. What is a developer to do? I am trying to get a large enterprise to adopt 2005 and .NET 2.0 and it is tough with the current state of affairs. What are we to do ... wait till 2007 for Orcas? It will be quite nice to get these service packs. But we need more details on them including timeframes. VS should have regular service packs and almost an update feature much like Windows Update and the Office Update. This is NEEDED now for Visual Studio - the product is much too big not to do this!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Mini-Microsoft report on Visual Studio 2005

Wow, Mini-Microsoft is reporting on how many bloggers are coming out against VS2005 because of all the bugs it contains. I have to admit, I downloaded the RTM myself and have crashed it once (just doing a search for a file in the existing file dialog).


Hardy Har Har

What is a pirate to do? Grokster has now shut down stating that the Supreme Court is against them and that they cannot help to distribute music/movie files over the Internet?

What is this world coming too????? :)

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